Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Enough said.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Good job boys!!!we now can shut the scoucer's yap bout 18 titles!!!^^...Glory glory Manchester United!!!And the Reds( Manchester United) go marching on on on!!!!
Well done Fergie!!!Had Been a United legend and still is a United legend and forever in the history books.

*pictures are courtesy of Manutd.com

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A worthy Champion!

The 3-1 score is an understatement to United's dominance in the semi-final...it is open for the whole world to see how we rip arsenal apart at their own home...let us cheer for our boys!!!

Pictures speaks a thousand word my friends....we are going to ROME!!!!Champions League FINAL!!!!^^

Let us now cherish the dream, let us now all believe, that we can and possibly will become the first team to ever retain and defend the Champions League crown.

Yip Yip HOORAH!!!!Yip Yip HOORAH!!!!Yip Yip HOORAH!!!!!

*Pictures are courtesy of Manutd.com.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


SO Sorry to MAn utd...:)

LIVERPOOOL!!!!!!humiliates MAN UTD

Manchester United 1 v 4 Liverpool

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hmm...when u think only Malaysia can come out with educationaly weird warning signs...

Like...To stop you from throwing rubbish irresponsibly...haha...Malaysian marh=P

However,There are also screwed up message like in one of the public transportation station we have here in KL...

It simply tells me to use this 'Pintu Kecemasan' eventhough its 'Voltan Tinggi'...whoah...how informative=P

Being part of the commonwealth, u'll think that the British would also have a more suttle approach and gives more productive signs of warning...

Take it for example, like the sign that u may get at the London Underground as my friends had find out...

They tell you 'do not use except in an emergency' because there is '193 STEPS'...haha

in another words...

You want to use this stair merh?!emergency den climb 193 steps larh!=P

Better get an exercise rather then to find out my escape route has an electrical 'escape door' to go through=P

chiong k!!!!

Anywayz...took the time off from gambling n 'bai nian' oso larh in KK...so we went and sing K on the 6th day of CNY...not bad larh...ah gao, ben n vincent(corvina's boy friend) were the stand out stars that day for their vocal=P...thumbs up guys^^

Friday, February 6, 2009

'Da Pang' at Gek Bo's House.

Well...we made a trip to Gek Bo's house to see people 'Da Pang'...ended up a good show larh...haha...got our ang pow and sat around...fun larh see so many old friends which i dint expect to see like Zhen Bao Yi...primary school friend oso found wei...haha...Anyway, if u look at this picture properly...on the far right...u might see our good old Taliban teaching lil boy there wat is a lion dance...haha...i dont know larh what again he teach that lil boy...pity him=P

Mind you, this was perform under heavy drissle and the metal stands were all wet....much respect for the boys and Gek Bo for spending that amount of money to get them to perform...this video is for those who weren't given the liberty to be there during CNY...enjoy...and Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!

Budu2 barh=P

Haha...this video was taken at Coastal Highway at Kota Kinabalu right after futsal in Suria approximately at 5.15pm like that larh...haha..

tiada kerja marh...apa lagi...buat video suka suka larh=P...jam barh actually...wakaka...'Jam' KK style larh=P....

Thursday, February 5, 2009


How duo Po Lo arh!!!!

haha...this was a mark of CNY approaching...went out with parents to Foh Sang night market on 'Nian 30' night^^....

Banyak orang juga larh...but after that night...went to KK punya pula...haha...nasib dapat parking...but we jalan2...omos sampai Phillipine there...trus U-Turn larh...haha...too many ppl larh....so dint snap any picture there...but brief through only larh=P....

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dude, where should I pee ?


It never fails to amaze me when I use a public toilet and find guys who still do not know the proper urinal etiquette. This unspoken code of bathroom ethics has been passed from generation to generation, yet some men are still ignorant of it and break this code from time to time. But fret not, lawrence will teach you these etiquette for the sake of scruffy.


This may come as a surprise to some people, but which urinal a man chooses when he goes into a toilet makes a world difference. Let's imagine with me for a while, if in a toilet there is only a man using it in the stall A and there are 4 stalls. Then, came a man who directly proceed to do his business in stall B. Well, it's a well-known fact that using a urinal next to another man when you don't absolutely need to means you want to have "intimate relationship" with him. If this isn't your intention, sit tight and keep reading.


For example, if a toilet has 4 stalls and you're the only person inside the toilet, you must choose the stall furthest from the entrance, next to a wall if possible, let's called this stall A. The next man who comes in must then choose the next available stall, keeping one stall in separation, which would be stall C. If a third man comes into the toilet while the other two is still using it, he must wait until stall A or stall C is available, unless it's a dire emergency.

In a worst-case scenario, one which you are forced to use a urinal next to one that is already occupied, you should always choose stall D to minimize the number of consecutive wangs.

Although the four-stall configuration is the one you'll most likely to encounter, a more general approach is necessary when using toilets with different configurations. A more convenient way to sort out this problem is to use a simple formula derived from the following sequence:

stall position = n+(n-1)
= 2n-1 (where n < s/2)

e.g, You're in a toilet in a stadium where there are 10 urinal stalls, there are already 4 people using the stalls according to the rules as stated earlier. Which stall should you use ?

s=10, n=5

stall position = 2n-1
= 2(5) - 1
= 9

Therefore, you should use the 9th stall. Simple maths.

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